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Our expert teams are highly trained in handling delicate works of art and valuable collectibles. Whether paintings, works on paper or 3D objects, each piece is properly secured in our branded vehicles to ensure safe transportation to our facility.

Evaluation & Estimate

Once your items arrive to our facility, inventory specialists verify the shipment and its contents. Our skilled team of art restorer’s assess the damage to determine the steps necessary for restoration and complete the job estimate. Once your estimate has been approved, the restoration begins.

Recovery Process

Using industry best techniques, we expertly stop damage, then clean and restore your items to their pre-loss condition. Depending on the restoration needed, our services could include: deodorizing, mold removal, soot removal, vacuum press processing, digital restoration, in-painting, patching, frame repair and much more. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is fully capable of restoring nearly any artwork or collectible.


After your damaged items have been restored to pre-loss condition, our team prepares them for a safe return to your location. If you are interested in additional storage services, we offer environmentally controlled options to accommodate any request.

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Let us quickly assess, recover, and return your artwork and/or collectibles to pre-loss condition.