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About Our Location

Art Recovery Services in Indiana

After a fire, flood or other unfortunate disaster, trust Art Recovery Technologies of Indiana to recover works of art, photographs, collectibles, sculptures, and other cherished items to their pre-loss condition. We closely work with insurance adjustors, contractors, and the insured to help those impacted by a disaster. Our partners and clients are consistently surprised by the speed and efficiency with which we restore and return items to normal.

ART of Indiana is committed to serving the disaster recovery needs of people throughout Indiana. When Bloomington, Lafayette and Indianapolis disaster victims need art, photographs or figurines restored to their pre-loss condition, they turn to ART of Indiana. Contact us today to discuss specific art restoration needs.

Why Choose Us?

More than 25 years of experience in the industry

Secure pack out, transit and item storage

Fast response with 24/7 support

Cost savings by restoring instead of replacing items

Great customer service with clear communication

Fully insured plus one-year warranty on most items

Our Mission

To calmly and professionally guide our clients through the protection and restoration of their most precious and important possessions.

Services We Offer

  • Ceramic Restoration

  • Mural & Mosaic Restoration

  • Painting Restoration

  • Photograph & Frame Restoration

  • Sports Memorabilia Restoration

  • Statue & Sculpture Restoration

  • Taxidermy Restoration

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Let us quickly assess, recover, and return your artwork and/or collectibles to pre-loss condition.